The SANA School established on April 14, 2002, is an English medium Islamic oriented School with qualified teachers and upto 8th standard at present to be gradually upgraded to the 10+2 level with CBSE affiliation.It is a day boarding cum residential school. It provides lots of facilities for smooth learning.




libraryThe School Library is well stocked with the latest books in variuos fields. The schools library houses books catering to different standards of education. Class libraries ensure guided reading fit for the age, appropriate and enjoyable, encourage the children to develop an interest in reading by exposing them to exciting, interesting and wonderful world of books. The school also subscribes to daily newspapers and varius magazines/journals.


Science Laboratories

The School has a well equiped science lab. The School emphasized on learning by doing and encourages young minds to discover several facets for which the School uses the demonstration methods especially where science subjects are concerned.


Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum. For that, the school is equipped with modern computers and has a highly qulified computer faculty. The software available to the children include Paint, Brush, Power point, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. The school is also planning to use CDs for improving communication skills, pronunciation and to impart science education.

com lab comp lab


Tranport facilities are also available


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